Comfy Cozy has been visiting my pets since they were each eight weeks old and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their service. The walkers who visit my dogs daily are absolutely wonderful and the dogs simply adore them.  They are so reliable and prompt with their visits, as well as very responsive to my requests. I couldn’t be happier with the terrific services provided by Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting. They are all a delight to work with and so very accommodating.

Mary C.

“Cayden & Charlie”

Excellent, trust-worthy pet service which provides you with updates including pictures.  The updates are especially reassuring when you are leaving your pet for  an extended period of time.  Highly recommend Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting Services.


The Costello Family


We are very grateful to have found Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting for our beloved Lupin. They are responsible and punctual, write wonderful pet logs when we’re gone, even send pictures and videos of our pup. Lupin is happy and content when we return and that has made an enormous difference for us upon return, knowing that he is calm and well cared for while we’re away.
Monique G.


We have been satisfied customers for over a year. It is a relief to have people you can trust come into your home to take care of your pet. They have also helped us out of a couple jams – like when our son was watching our dog for the weekend and received a last minute invite down the Cape. We called Comfy Cozy, and a sitter checked on Donny until we could make it home. So nice to have someone you can depend on when life throws you a curve ball!
Jen O.


I can’t say enough kind words about Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting! I have had some challenging pets, from a very old and tottering Springer Spaniel to a cat that requires 2 doses of medicine per day. Kathy and her team, especially the wonderful Kara, have been consistent, caring and dependable. I have had over 10 pet sitters and pet sitting services over the past 20 years and this has been by far my best experience. We thank you!
Wendy I.


Comfy Cozy is an excellent pet sitting service. I am pleased about their care for my pets. Alex had to be given meds twice a day. The sitter contacted me about my two cats, Alex (16), and Juliette (6) as well as wrote daily Pet Visit Notes. I knew that the two were in good hands. Comfy Cozy is bonded and insured. Give them a call if you need a fabulous pet sitter.
Sharon B.

“Alex & Juliette”

We have been using Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting for several years to take care of our 2 dogs and 2 cats. Comfy Cozy has always been there for us and has come through on several last minute requests which is never easy. We will continue to use Comfy Cozy in the future.
Kevin B.

“Choy & Gigi”

Jake loves Comfy Cozy pet sitting! He gets to sleep in his own bed, play in his own yard, eat his own treats. The pet sitters send mom updates on him and are so friendly. Jake approved!
Sherry C.


Excellent service. My pets are loved when I’m away and I don’t have to worry. They leave you a day by day record of their interactions and if you are curious while you are away they will send you text. Always responsive and come through all types of weather. Highly recommend.
Allyson S.

“Maggie, Trudy, Evy and George”

Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting is my ‘go to’ when I need someone to watch my cat. I feel they are reliable, attentive, and I have peace of mind while away.
Beth B.


We use Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting for our two dogs. They are very dependable and love playing with our mutts.
Jan C.

“Indy & Maple”

We really appreciate the preparedness you advise when we leave our pets in your care. It’s reassuring to know about the wonderful care you provide.
Dorothy B.


This old guy springs to life when a sitter from Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting comes to visit. It is sometimes hard leaving pets when we go on vacation, but Rambo and our cats have been so happy with their pet-sitters that we sometimes feel guilty coming home! We have been very pleased with the level of care our pets get when we are away and would highly recommend Comfy Cozy to anyone who loves their fur babies as much as we do.
Nicole W.


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