Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Milton, Canton, and Randolph, MA

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Dog Walking

Your dog will get to have his own dog-walker. We will match your dog with his new best friend who will visit your dog each time. This allows the dog-walker to get to know your dog’s habits and preferences which will make a more enjoyable visit for your dog. On days when the weather is not ideal for a lot of outdoor time, your dog will be taken outside for a quick potty break. The rest of the visit will be spent inside doing whatever your dog wants (playing, cuddling, getting belly-rubs, eating treats, reading poetry, doing yoga or whatever tickles your dog’s fancy).

Our dog-walkers will visit your dog early in the morning until evening, depending on your needs. If you need to leave your dog at home overnight or longer, a dog-walker will visit your dog several times during the day. The visits can include feeding and giving medication if necessary.

Dog Walking Rates

Let-out (quick visit 15-20 minutes long) $24.50
Regular dog visit (30 minutes long) $29.50
XL dog visit (one hour) $45
Holiday Rate +$10.00

In Your Home Pet Sitting in Milton Canton Randolph

In Your Home Pet Sitting

Dogs are not the only kind of pet we care for. We also take care of cats, rabbits and other small caged mammals, reptiles, and birds. If you are going to be gone for days at a time, we will visit your pet each day to make sure he/she has adequate food and water, a clean cage or litterbox, gets his/her medicine (if necessary) and has some human companionship. In addition, we will bring in your mail and/or newspapers, take out your trash/recycling, water indoor and/or outdoor plants and adjust curtains, drapes, shades and lights, to give your home a lived-in look. This way, we not only make sure your pets are well cared for, but also your home is safe and unharmed.

Pet Sitting Rates

Regular pet-sit (20 minutes) $25
Dog visits (let-out) $25
Regular dog visit $30
House check $25