Dog Walking

We walk our dog clients individually, unless there are multiple dogs in the family, or if your dog wants his/her puppy pal to join along. Individual dog walks allow us to get to know your dog’s habits and preferences so that we can better cater to his/her needs. Our dog-walking service includes a 20-25 minute walk or playtime in the yard, followed by fresh water, a treat or two (if permitted) and some TLC (of course!).

Walks can be scheduled at any time of day from once a week to seven days a week; early in the morning or in the evenings too.  We can also visit your dog(s) several times during the day if you need to be out of the house for a long stretch of time. In addition, if you are going to be gone for days at a time and wish for your dog to stay at home, we will visit him/her three to five times during a day, depending on the dog’s age and medical needs.

In Your Home Pet Sitting

If you are going to be gone for days at a time, we will visit your pet each day to make sure he/she has adequate food and water, a clean cage or litterbox, gets his/her medicine (if necessary) and has some human companionship. In addition, we will bring in your mail and/or newspapers, take out your trash/recycling, water indoor and/or outdoor plants and adjust curtains, drapes, shades and lights, to give your home a lived-in look. This way, we not only make sure your pets are well cared for, but also your home is safe and unharmed.