Ahh, Good old Summer days, a time for making memories with our doggos, having fun, and frolicking around. But let’s not forget, Summer is not only about outdoor adventures with our fur-babies but also hot temperatures. The truth is—we all get hot, even our dogs. But how do you know your pet is overheating? Continue reading to learn the signs and how to keep your fur-baby from pet heat exhaustion this summer.

Let’s Define:

Heat exhaustion, overheating, heat stress occurs when your dog’s body temperature exceeds 102.5 degrees.  Elevated temperatures are always a cause for concern, and your pets – even if they are in good health – should always be kept cool and hydrated during these hot summer months. 

Sweating is a major way to keep cool, but did you know dogs do not sweat like us? Dogs sweat through their paw pads. Yes, that right, their paw pads. This is how your doggos try to keep cool, along with panting. However, it’s not as effective as sweating as we hoomans do. Pet Heat exhaustion if left untreated may lead to heatstroke, which can cause your pet to collapse, and even suffer organ failure. We don’t want that!

Signs of Pet Heat Exhaustion

Hot environments, excessive exercise, hot cars, lots of sun, no shade, not enough water, all can all contribute to your pet overheating within minutes. Don’t know what to look for?  We got you. Excessive panting, excessive drooling, elevated body temperature, and changes in gum or tongue color (bright or dark red) are all signs that your fur-baby is not a happy doggo. With signs and symptoms like these, your dog is suffering from heat exhaustion and needs immediate attention.

How to avoid Heat Exhaustion in Pets

Don’t fret, pet heat exhaustion is totally preventable! Hot summer days can still be enjoyable for you and your fur-babies. A hot doggo summer is possible every year by ensuring the following:

·         limit outdoor activities on extremely hot days

·         keep your fur-baby hydrated

·         keep your house cool

·         board your dog during your summer vacation or get a pet-sitter

·         monitor your pet (keep an eye out for the signs)

Don’t get us wrong, summer can be a lot of fun for you and your fur-babies. Just don’t forget to check on them when checking on the BBQ and the kids. Be aware of the heat, plan your summer adventures with your pet in mind and you both will be very happy.