Top 10 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Thankful For Their Cat Sitter

Cats may sometimes seem aloof and even arrogant but they’re really quite thankful creatures.  Aside from the thankfulness they feel towards their human family members, cats are also quite thankful for their cat sitter.

  1. Petting.  Cats really do love to be pet on their own terms, of course. Their cat sitter knows just how little or how much to scratch under their chin without smothering them with neediness.
  2. Baby talk.  Cats sometimes seem like they don’t tolerate people much but the cat’s sitter knows that a little by talk can go such a long way.  A few loving words to the “widdle kittie” while scratching under the cat’s chin makes a very grateful cat turn to butter.
  3. Extra treats.  Extra treats are always welcome by the family cat and the cat sitter knows this.  Sometimes the way to a cat’s heart is really through his taste buds.  The cat sitter shows up and lo and behold the cat decides he’s not coming out of his hiding spot until he hears the bag of treats.  He has the cat sitter trained very well and he loves her for be such a trainable subject. He really is grateful that she fell right in line.
  4. Consistency.  Consistency is key to any lasting relationship, Even the family cat knows this.  That’s why he’s grateful that the cat sitter shows up as schedule, on time and always follows HIS routine.  No guessing games here and that’s just the way the cat likes it.
  5. Secrets.  Have you ever heard that phrase “Cat got your tongue?” Well, the cat sitter may be asked this questions a time or two because she never spills the beans, not even when the cat decides to sharpen my claws on Mom’s couch or her new drapes. Mums the word around here.  The cat and the sitter have an understanding.
  6. Bond.  The cat knows that having the sitter in cahoots with him and eating out of his hand really means something.  It’s not every day you can train a human to pledge allegiance to a house cat and for that it’s only natural for a bond to develop.
  7. Inside jokes.  The cat knows that sometimes he does really funny things like missing when he tries to jump from the counter to the couch.  Going back to secrets, the cat sitter keeps all of the cat’s funny escapades between the two of them, just the way she should.  The best cats can always laugh at themselves but only with the right people.
  8. Favorite games.  Seen as the cat sitter has been trained to do as she’s told, she submits to playing with the laser pointer for the whole time she’s around or any other game the cat chooses for that matter.
  9. Hygiene.  Cats don’t like to be dirty and they certainly don’t like messy litter boxes.  The cat sitter comes in and not only does she clean out the litter box but she also sweeps up the floor of all that litter that the cat kicks out of the box.
  10. Food and water.  The cat sitter always replaces the stagnant food and water dishes, providing the cat with only the freshest of ingredients.  She also lets the water faucet in the bathroom drip so a cool sip of water may always be had by the cat.

The house cat really appreciates how trainable the sitter is. He’s really grateful that she keeps coming back even if he doesn’t always show his gratitude.  The cat sitter is on to the cat though, she knows how grateful he really is.

10 Foods You Should Not Feed Your Dog On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about great food and family and friends. It’s important to note that some of the holiday treats you are so fond of can be dangerous to your dog and make them terribly ill.

These are the 10 foods to avoid giving your dog on Thanksgiving:

1. Bones

This may seem strange but bones no matter the size are bad for your dog and may lead to a trip to the vet for surgery or even cause death. Throw out bones when making your meals to ensure your dog doesn’t get to them.

2. Raw turkey

The risk of salmonella in raw turkey can lead to serious health complications for your dog.

3. Turkey skin

Fatty foods such as turkey skin make it very difficult for your dog to digest causing a condition known as pancreatitis where your dog’s pancreas becomes inflamed.

4. Beer

Beer tends to mess up with a dog’s stomach so avoid giving your dog beer at all costs. Some dogs love it but too much can lead to rapid heartbeat, seizures, fever, liver damage and even death.

5. Dough or cake batter

Dough and your dog’s body heat can actually make it rise in your dog’s stomach causing bloating, abdominal pain and vomiting. Additionally, the raw eggs in the dough or batter, poses a great risk of your dog catching salmonella. Clean up any scraps or droppings that fall on the floor immediately.

6. Mushrooms

Fungi is very bad for you dog as it leads to seizures, vomiting, coma and even death.

7. Macadamia Nuts

These nuts are particularly dangerous for a dog because they cause a condition called nut toxicosis whose symptoms vary from lethargy to vomiting and even to your dog being unable to stand up.

8. Onions and garlic

Onions and garlic are very dangerous to dogs because they contain sulfides which are toxic to them. This leads to the destruction of red blood cells causing anemia.

9. Nutmeg

Ensure that whatever food you give your dog does not contain nutmeg because the hallucinogenic properties found in it, however mild, can cause tremors, seizures and problems in the dog’s central nervous system.

10. Sage

Sage is commonly found in many Thanksgiving recipes but should be avoided at all costs by your dog due to its resins and oils which can easily upset your dog’s stomach.

Thanksgiving Treats You CAN Share With Your Dog:

  • Turkey breast

A small amount of turkey breast is safe to feed your dog as long as your dog does not have any food allergies. Ensure that the piece of string that wraps the turkey is out of reach to avoid accidental ingestion by your dog.

  • Bread

Properly baked bread can be given in small amounts to dogs safely as it provides a low-calorie snack for your dog.

  • Salmon and Cheese

A small amount of salmon and cheese serve as a healthy and tasty treat for your dog.

  • Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes, in moderation, and without spices, seasonings or butter are great to share with your dog.  Serve his potatoes as plain as possible to avoid allergies or illness.

  • Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is a Thanksgiving staple that your dog can enjoy in a very, very small amount.  The added sugar makes it only possible for your dog to have a little taste.

  • Green Beans

Green beans are great as a year round healthy, tasty treat.  Frozen or cooked many dogs will simply beg for more!

There are many Thanksgiving dishes that your dog should not be allowed to enjoy however, you can see there are a few things you can slip to him under the table without putting his health and well-being at risk.  Happy Thanksgiving!

8 Holiday Plants That Are Toxic For Pets

8 Holiday Plants That Are Toxic for Pets

The holidays bring with them a burst of decorations, and plants are no small part of holiday décor. From mistletoe, to the very Christmas tree in your home, there are a lot of holiday plants we put in our homes during this joyous time of year, but what about our pets? Are they safe? What are a few holiday plants that are toxic for our pets?

  • Poinsettia


Though the idea is largely widespread that this plant is highly toxic for dogs and cats alike, the truth is it is not really! The sap from the plant can cause some irritation, but in the most severe cases it’ll only lead to an upset stomach or, at most, vomiting, with symptoms subsiding immediately after. There’s some concern for higher quantities of the plant being ingested, but after experiencing the first round of effects, your pets are likely to steer clear of this plant.

  • Christmas Tree (Pine)


While most dogs and cats won’t go for actually eating the Christmas tree, which can cause some irritation, the pine’s needles can actually cause some damage. Avoid leaving your dog or cat to play around the tree, as they can easily hurt their eyes and skin by bumping into the needles. Ingesting needles can cause upset stomachs and excessive drooling, but there shouldn’t be any significant risk.

  • Mistletoe


Stepping into the more dangerous plants, albeit equally popular as holiday decorations, mistletoe is a staple of Christmas. However, if ingested by either dogs or cats, a vet should be contacted immediately. It can lead to sudden changes in a pet’s behavior, gastrointestinal disruptions and dangerously low heart rate.

  • Holly


Another decorative plant used during the holidays, holly is not only highly toxic to pets but for your kids as well. Reports have shown that a mere 20 holly berries can kill a child – imagine what ingesting those berries can do to your pets! Vomiting, diarrhea and low energy are all signs of holly ingestion and medical help should be sought immediately.

  • Lilies


Lilies are highly toxic to cats, so make sure that if you receive that you keep them away from your cats! Similarly, if you gift them to someone who owns cats, be sure that you warn them of the dangers. The worst part is there’s no cure from the effects of poisoning from these plants, but seeking immediate medical attention for your cat can drastically improve its chances to survive.

  • Amaryllis


Related to your common garlic, this flower is toxic for both dogs and cats – garlic is to be avoided in both your pets’ diet, and access to this flower should be limited. Ingested, it can cause gastrointestinal problems, vomiting, lethargy and in severe cases, tremors.

  • Daffodils


Related to Amaryllis, the daffodil can cause much of the same symptoms – vomiting, diarrhea, depression and abdominal pain. Keep these plants a good distance away from your pets and seek medical help if you suspect they ingested it.

  • Christmas Cactus


Last, we have a common Christmas gift which is fortunately not toxic, but can still cause some major problems to your pets. Ingesting parts of the plant can cause injuries to the mouths of your pets, and irritation of the gastrointestinal system, leading to vomiting. However, symptoms should subside as soon as access is limited.

Please keep in mind the dangers of these many plants during the holiday seasons and beyond, especially if your pet is one to meddle with your plants and flowers.

Holiday Treats To Make For Your Dog

Holiday Treats To Make For Your Dog

You can’t seem to celebrate the holidays without treats and baked goods and well, would you really want to? Your dog enjoys treats and baked goods, too! So why not show your dog you really love him by whipping up some treats that will leave him begging for more?

  1. Bunny’s Peppermint Christmas Chews will be a staple this season and all throughout the year, too.  You can’t have Christmas without candy canes and with a little peppermint extract, your dog won’t be left out and maybe he’ll stop eyeing the candy canes on the tree!
  2. Christmas cut-out cookies are not just for humans anymore.  This pet friendly recipe will even tempt your palate.
  3. Christmas Carob Mint Dog Cookies are sure to please your dog.  Think of these as thin mints for dogs.  Carob is like chocolate for dogs without the toxicity of real chocolate.
  4. Gourmet Holiday Peanut Butter Treats are one for the books, too.  You’d be hard pressed to find a dog that doesn’t like peanut butter and these yummy treats will be like peanut butter on steroids for your dog.
  5. No bake options are great for pet parents that don’t want to be or don’t have time to be a slave to the kitchen this holiday season.  The best thing about these treats posted by Pretty Fluffy is that you can enjoy these right along with your pooch!

If baking of any kind just really isn’t your thing, don’t feel bad for opting for store bought festive treats.  Your dog won’t fault you for it and neither will we!

  1. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine dog treats are so pretty that you’ll even want some for yourself. Hold on though! Even though these treats are made with human grade materials, they’re just for your dog.
  2. The Healthy Hound Bakery has an assortment for every dog on your list! We’re not kidding either.  They even have a treat of the month club for the gift that just keeps on giving.  These treats are made with healthy and natural ingredients while not compromising taste, too.

Making treats can be such a fun endeavor that can include your whole family!  Your dog can be your taste tester and maybe if your kids are behaving you can whip up some of the no bake options that your kids can eat, too.  What’s your go-to holiday treat for your canine pal? Tell us!

Best Dog Groomers

The Best Dog Groomers In Milton, Massachusetts

The Best Dog Groomers In Milton MA

The perfect pet groomer for your pet always ensures that the job is done and your pet is comfortable and happy in the process. A great pet groomer will consider all your pet’s individual requirements, is thorough and patient, and has the necessary expertise. Here are the top 5 pet groomers in Milton, MA exhibiting all these qualities and more to ensure your pet is well taken care of.

Best Dog Groomers

Feline Fancy Spa and Hotel


Feline Fancy is a facility that provides cat grooming and cat boarding facilities. They perform lion clips, belly shaves, nail trims, cat baths, day care and boarding services for cats. They strive to ensure that they provide a stress-free and bark-free environment for your cat to come and get the most out of a spa day.

Dog-gone Lovely


Here you will be provided with fair priced grooming for your dog with pampering and top-notch grooming services to boot. Some of the grooming services provided include full bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming, styling, trimming, and brushing. The staff involved love dogs and your pup will be treated as if he/she is their own.  You can rest assured that with Dog-gone lovely, your dog will be in safe and caring hands.

The Pet Cabaret (Do it yourself)


At the Pet Cabaret, you and your dog are welcome for a self-serve dog wash where dog owners get to wash their dogs in their stainless steel, clean, and waist-high tubs. This way you will not need to wrestle with your dog while washing him. The end result is a squeaky-clean dog and we will clean up afterwards. They will provide you with tools, towels, aprons, calming supplements, safety restraints for the dog, conditioners, natural shampoos and a blow dryer. At the pet cabaret also sells various non-toxic, chemical-free tick and flea repellent products.

Patrick Hurley


Patrick Hurley is the owner of U-wash Puppy where they provide everything you need to wash your dog. Dog owners get to wash their own dogs in a great environment with elevated tubs to help with your back.

Cathy Tobin


Cathy Tobin is a pet groomer in Milton MA and is connected with the Milton Animal League organization which adopts, cares for and rescues animals in need. These animals are cared for in the best way possible with their emotional support, food, and housing needs met. She provides pet grooming services at affordable costs.

No matter which option you choose, I have no doubt you will find the best groomer for your pet’s particular needs.  Why not try one or all?  Do you use another groomer right here in Milton or beyond that you’re just nuts about? Tell us.  We always love learning about new amazing pet care professionals in the area.

Adopt Another Pet

Should You Adopt Another Pet?

Should You Adopt Another Pet?

Adopt Another Pet
You should always carefully consider the implications and ramifications of deciding to adopt another pet. We all want to help these creatures find a home and live out their days in peace and happiness, but there are certain things we need to consider first, before bringing a new pet into our home, especially if we already have other animals on the premises.

However, you should also keep in mind that granted you give it time, are patient and make some effort to welcome them and accommodate them to their new living environments, your new adopted pets will most like have little to no problem getting comfortable.

A Few Things To Consider Before Adopting Another Dog

You will first need to determine if the space you have can accommodate another dog. Do your pets have enough space as it is? Won’t you be overcrowding the place with a new pet?

This is a moot point if you have a yard, but if you live in an apartment, you may want to focus on small breeds of dogs instead of larger ones.

While the whole cats and dogs relationship is mainly myth, you will need to allow for some time and put in some effort to get the cat comfortable with the dog and the other way around. This will become incrementally harder to do if your pets are older, so there’s also that to keep in mind

Things To Consider Before Adopting Another Cat

Cats are highly territorial and, for the most part, pretty independent otherwise. But that territorial instinct can make getting used to and comfortable around other animals a bit tricky, even if it’s just other cats.

If you’ve decided to bring a newcomer to your home, make sure you don’t force a relationship between the cats. Not only will it not work, but it can also lead to potential accidents, like them getting into a fight.

And at this point, making their accommodation harder and having to pay another veterinary bill would be the last thing you’d want to do. Give them time, allow them to get used to the scent of the other animal before even introducing them and you’ll be well on your way to creating a safe, friendly environment for your cats.

Regardless of what kind of pet you’re looking to adopt, you need to remember that your first run-in with an adopted pet went one way. The second time around, it can go a whole other way.

You won’t know your future’s pet personality until you get it home and it starts to relax and come out of its shell, figuratively speaking. This will take time, just like it did with your first pet, so be patient and give them all the love they deserve. They’ll pay you back with the same dedication and unwavering love.

Do you think your pet is cute enough to be on the cover of our 2018 photo calendar?

Do you think your pet is cute enough to be on the cover of our 2018 photo calendar? Well, here’s your chance to see!
From now until October 31 we are running our 2018 Calendar Cover Photo Contest.
Go to and upload your pet’s best picture. Share the pic with friends and ask them to vote. The pet with the most votes by the contest deadline, October 31, will grace the cover of our 2018 calendar and win a $50 gift card to Petco.
So, start looking through those photos or take one today and submit it!
veterinary clinics

A Review Of The Top 5 Veterinary Clinics In Milton, Masschusetts

If you own a pet then you understand all the too well how important it is to have access to good veterinary clinics. Whether you’re looking for someone to administer vaccination or to attend, to an ailing animal, having access to a veterinary clinic is key.

Below are five of the top veterinary clinics in the Milton and surrounding areas.

veterinary clinics

Canton Veterinary Hospital

This hospital was established with the intention of providing quality veterinary care as well as boarding facilities for ailing and recovering animals. This veterinary hospital specializes in giving small animals’ preventative care, ultrasound, and soft tissue surgeries, with appearances from Board, Certifies orthopedic surgeons.

The Hospital also offers boarding facilities for animals undergoing treatment. Canton also offers treatment and preventative care for exotic animals.

Their services include:

  •    Wellness care;
  •    Dental care;
  •    Pet surgery;
  •    Preventative medicine;
  •    In-house laboratory;
  •    Dermatology;
  •    Radiology;
  •    Pet boarding and so much more.

Willard Veterinary Clinic

This clinic is big on preventative care programs with a focus on reducing incidences of zoonosis, which is the transmission of infectious diseases from animals to man. They, however, provide comprehensive veterinary services which include general medical outpatient care such as administration of vaccines, diagnostic testing, and diabetes monitoring.

They have a team of qualified surgeons and equipped facilities to handle simple and complex pet surgeries. They also offer pet nutrition, dental care services, and geriatric pet care treatment. Geriatric care includes pet cancer treatment, glaucoma testing, geriatric counseling, pain minimization and assessment.

VCA Quincy

VCA Quincy has a group of hospitals strategically located. They have raving reviews on their quality of care as well as exceptional personalized service. They have one of the most comprehensive preventative care options in Massachusetts that include:

  •    Senior and adult wellness
  •    Parasite control
  •    Immunizations
  •    Vaccinations
  •    Flea and tick control and so much more.

You can easily book an appointment online as well as get a tentative quotation for the service you require.

Dr. Wolf’s Animal Medical Center

This is ideal for pet owners and they offer a range of services including vaccinations and treatment of pets. It’s been there for many years and has many great reviews. Their pricing is also reasonable and although they don’t offer boarding services, the doctor can make special considerations in the case of emergencies.

Angell Animal Medical Center

This center is well equipped with up to date treatment facilities. It has over 80 veterinarians working there and that includes 38 specialists who are Board Certified. They have one of the best 24-hour Emergency and Critical Care services in Massachusetts.

Their comfort care program is also unique to the medical center through which follows the same principal as would be found in neonatal units of human hospitals. The program makes use of tender love and care, touch therapy, as a supplement medical tool that expedites recovery of sick animals.

The medical center is also applauded for offering some of the best care in Avian and exotic medicine, cardiology, behavior correction, internal medicine, ophthalmology, surgery, and neurology.

If you’re looking for a reliable veterinary clinic for your pet or are a new pet owner, start by looking into the above clinics for reliable and efficient service.

dog trainers

A Review Of The Top 5 Dog Trainers In Milton, Massachusetts

Every dog owner hopes to have a well-behaved dog that brings joy to the owner and everyone else around them. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen automatically. Having your dog trained by a credible dog trainer is the most reliable way of ensuring that your dog’s behavior is desirable.

If you live in Milton Massachusetts, the following five Dog Trainers would be a great option for you.

dog trainers

Clear Skies Dog Training

Run by Maura Porter a Certified dog trainer who has been training dogs for many years, Clear Skies will give your dog the best training you could hope for.  Trainers at Clear Skies also have bully breed experience and therapy dog credentials.  They serve mainly the South Shore region of Massachusetts but can also travel to clients in the North Shore and Southeast regions. One of the unique things about this training center is their affinity to rescue and shelter dogs. If you adopted your dog from a rescue or shelter, then you qualify for 25% off the dog’s first training session.

Alpha One K-9 Oasis

This establishment is run by Shawn, a Certified Dog Trainer and is part of the Professional Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers. The trainers here focus on positive corroboration obedience training, behavior modification and problem-solving. Although they offer in home training, most clients prefer to drop off the dogs ate the center because it’s conveniently located. The training experience is wholesome and involves not just the dog owners but their children. Most clients rave about great customer service with Shawn making calls to follow up on the dogs’ progress is one of the pluses.

Your Dream Dog

This establishment offers training, behavior consultation, and matching services for individuals who own dogs in the Metrowest, Greater Boston and Metrosouth areas. Their training in private in-home training and their approach is holistic. This means they focus not just on behavior but other factors such as environment, health, and diet. Their main focus in on lowering stress in both dogs and their owners. The owner Ann Dupuis also does Reiki, a form of energy workout that helps with calmness and relaxation, physical and general emotional wellness in dogs. It’s also helpful in managing pain in dogs that are ailing or recovering from an injury. Most people with ailing dogs or dogs that have anxiety should consider Your Dream Dog training center.

Spring Forth Dog Services

Run by Katherine Ostiguy a renowned dog trainer, this facility offers in basic as well as advanced obedience training, aggression, dog sports, fear training and so much more. The training curricula are very comprehensive and detailed. There are group classes with flexible attendance for puppies, manners, dog obedience, agility and much more. Their puppy day school is one of a kind. Owners drop their puppies as they go to work and pick them up on their way home. At the day school, puppies get basic and socialization training.

Wicked Good Dog

This training center offers private in-home services at very affordable prices. A one-hour session goes for $125, 3 hours $350 and 5 hours $575. You could also opt for a private on-site session at their Holbrook location for $90 an hour.

No matter what your dog’s needs are, I’m sure you’ll find a fit in one of these five trainers here in Milton, MA.

How Can I Teach My Dog To Love The Water?

Is It Possible To Teach My Dog To Love The Water?

Swimming is an excellent opportunity for owners to both cool down and encourage healthy exercise for dog owners.  Dogs are naturally great swimmers, but some aren’t as keen to water right out of the gate as others.  It might appear strange to some dog owners, but they shouldn’t panic or force anything.  All it takes is a little patience and determination.

If your dog is apprehensive towards water, you can try these tips to introduce them slowly and get them loving it in little time.

Start Small

If you have the ability to introduce your dog to water with a kiddie pool, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting your dog into a full-sized pool or body of water.  Start by playing fetch by the pool, have your kids and/or yourself stepping in and out of the pool.  Then, start trying to bait your dog to take a dip by tossing the toy into the water.

Even if your dog only sticks their face in the water to snatch the toy out is good progress.  You can also try using treats to see if they will jump all the way in.


Take your dog to a below-ground pool with a shallow section or to a beach/lake shore to start getting them used to being in the water.  The water should be calm, and so should you!  Continue the game of fetch and try not to get frustrated if your dog doesn’t want to go beyond leg-deep.  Always give treats when your dog progresses to a deeper part of the water.

You should consider incorporating a life jacket for smaller dogs that bob a lot in the water.  It can add a layer of confidence to encourage them to swim.

If you can find someone with a dog that already loves swimming, this can have a profound effect on how quickly and willingly your dog will get into the water.

Enjoy the Moment

Once you’ve successfully introduced your dog to swimming, keep things exciting and interesting by incorporating water games like paddleboarding, dock diving, pool fetch, and more.  Pool inflatables are a dog’s best friends, too.

If you find yourself hitting a brick wall on training your dog to love water, don’t hesitate to call a professional trainer or ask a friend to help, sometimes your dog can get anxiety from all the pressure on them—dogs can tell when you’re disappointed, frustrated, or stressed by an activity.