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I’m Kathy Henderson, and I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. At present, our family owns two dogs and two cats. In the past, we’ve owned dogs, cats, fish, birds and turtles. As you can see in these pictures, there aren’t too many types of animals, birds or reptiles that I do not like. It has been a dream of mine to work with and care for animals and that’s why I started Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting. I believe that our pets are precious and deserve the best possible care. At Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting, we strive to provide the type of loving care and companionship that pet-owners want their pets to have.


Three years ago I became a volunteer at the Milton Animal Shelter where I take care of adoptable cats. Recently, I was elected to serve as Treasurer of the Milton Animal League, the group of volunteers who oversee the running of the Shelter.  I am also serving as Secretary to the Milton Animal Shelter Advisory Committee which was formed in the spring of 2015 to oversee the building of a new animal shelter which we hope to have very soon. When I’m not caring for pets, I enjoy being with my family, listening to music, dancing, gardening and watching HGTV.

My name is Michelle Gaudet and I was born and raised a Texan. I have worked with all types of animals anywhere from alpacas to dogs to squirrels and I have a genuine love for them all. My husband and I have two wonderful kitty fur babies of our own, Talluse and Gestapo, who are brothers we rescued in Texas. When I am not working, I enjoy doing many things such as seeing shows, upscaling furniture, skiing and snowboarding, and of course snuggling my cats!

My name is Lauretta and I’ve been working in animal care for six years. I began as a volunteer dog-walker at the Milton Animal Shelter in the summer of 2009. In order to learn some basic dog training skills, I assisted a professional dog trainer. I also joined the SAFEWALK program at the MSPCA where we used Clicker Training, a positive reinforcement technique, to improve the behavior of homeless dogs in order to make them more adoptable. Eventually, I decided to do what I love for a living, so I joined the Comfy Cozy Petting Sitting team. I live in Dorchester with my husband, Jim, and our rescued lab mix, Bingo.

My name is Andrew Henderson and I have been with Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting since it started. My Mom, Kathy asked me to help her with the business because she knows that I love animals. We have had pets all of my life, and they are very important to me. I really enjoy meeting other pets and taking care of them. I am also a college student studying criminal justice. When I’m not walking dogs or in school, I like to play video games, watch sports, listen to music and hang out with my friends.

I’m Jim Smith (that’s my real name!), and l was born and raised in Milton. Since I enjoy being in the company of animals, I find that this job suits me very well. Dogs are very sincere and not afraid to show their affection. Who could ask for a better way to spend your time? My other interests are making and listening to music. When I finish my job each day, I come home to my dog, Rosie, a Chocolate Lab.

My name is Craig Truax. I am a recent retiree, and now I much prefer working with dogs and cats. When I am not working with animals or collecting bottles and cans to redeem, I enjoy frequent naps with my Pug, Gypsy.