Ooooo, oooOOooo, ooooOOOOooooo! We don’t know about you, but we’re already anticipating the eeriness of THE night.

Not only that but we’re super stoked to see the outrageous costumes. And besides, what better than getting all fun and seasonal with your pet?

Yes, I’m talking dog and parent costumes! Have you already picked out the perfect costume? Or are you like many pet parents who are still planning the perfect Halloween costume for your dog?

Do Dogs Need To Wear Halloween Costumes?

Ever wonder, is it really necessary for your dog to wear a Halloween costume? The answer is Certainly Not! While some fur-babies may love the idea of dressing up, others may hate it. Dogs, like human beings, each have their own personality, anywhere from the “Ray of Sunshine” to the “Oscar the Grouch” personality. It is important to handle each dog’s personal preference on an individual basis.

Some pets enjoy strutting about in costumes, appreciating the extra attention and treats they receive. While others are miserable in costumes and can barely tolerate wearing any. If you want to know how your pet feels about wearing a costume, take a look at their eyes and their body language while they are in costume.

Red or buggy eyes with a downcast face will let you know if your dog dislikes wearing costumes. If your fur-baby loves dressing up, he will also let you know. He is prancing around, preening, and basking in the attention he receives.

4 Steps to Get Your Pet Comfortable in Their Halloween Costume

How to get your dog comfortable in Halloween costume?

  1. Choose the right costume. 

When choosing a Halloween costume for your dog it is essential that your pets’ costume be comfortable. Below are some tips and guidelines for picking the right costume.

  • The costume should allow free movement for your pets’ head, legs and tail.
  • It shouldn’t be too tight in the neck as to make breathing difficult.
  • The costume should not hinder your pet from being able to freely poop or pee.
  • It should be made of soft materials so as to not damage your pets skin or fur.

4 Steps to Get Your Pet Comfortable in Their Halloween Costume
  1. Introduce the costume.

Going costume shopping? Try taking your dog along. Introduce him to different costume choices and let him pick the one he loves the best. Let him sniff around, play with the different costumes and pay attention to the one he likes best.

Now that your fur-baby has made his choice, it’s time to take the load off. Spend some time with your dog, maybe try putting the costume on him. Do this repeatedly, one piece of costume at a time. Do not try to put the entire costume on in one go. Let him get familiar with it in stages.

Use positive reinforcement in the form of treats and praises to let him know he is doing a good job and that you are pleased with him. Give him a treat or a “Good Job” anytime he keeps the costume on. This allows him to get comfortable wearing the costume and over time he becomes conditioned into wearing it.

4 Steps to Get Your Pet Comfortable in Their Halloween Costume

  1. Don’t leave the costumes on for too long. 

As paw-parents, I know you love seeing your fur-babies all dressed up in the perfect Halloween costume. They look so cute that you are tempted to go crazy with the camera. However, you should not keep the costume on your dog too long, no matter how hilariously cute that hotdog costume makes him. Wearing clothes does not come naturally to our dogs and so you should be patient when trying on costumes and training your pets to wear their costumes. Try short training sessions, do not force your pet into the costume because that’s one fight that won’t end well for you.

When picking the perfect Halloween costume for your dog you must first understand your dogs’ personality and temperament. Do not expect to just put a costume on your dog and have him like it. It might take some time for some dogs to like their costumes or they might never like it. Do not force it if he does not want to wear it! Remember he has a mind of his own.