Four Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah with Your Pets in Milton

The festival of Hanukkah is coming up, which means eight days of parties, presents and plenty of food. Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting candles, playing games, and eating traditional foods. For pet owners, it’s also a time to be extra vigilant about keeping their furry friends safe. There are many ways to include your pets in the celebrations, but here are four ways to celebrate Hanukkah with your pets in Milton. Follow these four tips for ensuring your pets have a happy and healthy Hanukkah.


Keep your pet away from lit candles and Menorahs.

This seems like an obvious enough tip, but it can be easily forgotten with how busy the holidays and celebrations get. Candles and unattended open fires can spread quickly with just a swift movement. A candle can be toppled over if there are many moving bodies in the house. Your dog or cat does not understand the dangers of fires, so it’s best to avoid them having any plausible contact with candles or Menorahs. Be sure to light them when they can be watched and attended to; otherwise, do the safe thing and put them out. They can always be turned on again when needed. 


Don’t give them any food that isn’t meant for them—some holiday foods can be dangerous for pets.

There are tons of foods and sweet goods to eat over the holiday season. They fill the home with a delicious smell and can make our mouths water, including our pet’s mouths. Their snouts are sure to be trying to sniff plates and search for anything being dropped on the ground. Of course, everyone should indulge in some delicious food over the holidays, but be sure to research what is safe to give your pet. The wrong food can cause your pet to get very ill and possibly poison them. If you need more clarification about what they can have, you can always ask the vet or pick up a can of exceptional pet food at your local pet store. 

Four Ways to Celebrate Hanukkah with Your Pets in Milton

Be careful with decorations. Some may be harmful if chewed on by pets.

Decorations and plants can bring a lot of character and charm to a house. Decorating for the holidays is fun with the lights and seasonal items you only bring out once a year. With all these decorations around, your pets may be tempted to play or eat them. Be sure to keep those out of reach to avoid choking or getting hurt. For decorations that light up and require electricity, be sure to cover and keep the electrical cords and wires tucked away, so there are no chances of them being chewed on or tangled with your pet. 


Be sure to have a safe space for your pets

Like some humans, some dogs have a limit to how much social interaction they can handle. This is why it’s essential to have a safe and cozy space for your pet to escape when they get overwhelmed. Be sure to reserve a room or nook just for them to go with their pet and some toys that make them feel safe and secure. When they’re ready, they can come out to socialize with your guests and continue to enjoy the fun


These are just four ways to celebrate Hanukkah with your pets in Milton. Ensure you have a successful celebration by keeping your pets away from the candles, avoiding dangerous foods and decorations, and keeping a safe space accessible to escape to. Following these guidelines can ensure you and your furry friends will have a safe and healthy holiday season. Remember to call Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting if you need a professional pet sitter to care for your pet while you’re away. With our professional pet sitters, you can receive quality care and peace of mind.

Have a happy and safe Hanukkah!



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