5 Tips for Transitioning Your Dog’s Schedule Back to a School Schedule

Are you struggling to get your dog back on a regular schedule now that the summer holidays are over? The back-to-school season can be challenging for parents and children, but it can also be difficult for pets. Dogs, in particular, may struggle with the sudden change in routine when their owners return to work and school. The good news is that it’s not too difficult to get them back into the swing of things—you just need to be patient and consistent. Here are 5 tips for transitioning your dog’s schedule back to a school schedule.


Start by slowly adjusting your dog’s schedule a few weeks before school starts.


Getting used to a new schedule won’t happen overnight. Your dog will need some time to adjust to their new daily routine. To ensure a smooth start to the new school year, it’s recommended that you implement this new routine a couple of weeks before the actual routine begins. With an early and slow start, your dog can slowly but surely get used to the new daily school routine.



Wake up earlier than normal, and begin taking your dog for walks or runs in the morning.


If you have a young or energetic dog, it may be best to include an early morning walk in your new daily routine. Getting rid of some of your dog’s energy before the day starts can help prevent a hectic morning. You will have one less head to worry about as your family prepares for the new day. Hiring a dog walker or pet sitter may be an excellent investment if you don’t have time for a morning walk. This will ensure your dog gets their daily exercise and attention while you and the family are off at school and work. Be sure to look at our services to see how we can help!


Make sure to take advantage of all the extra time you’ll have during the day to play with and exercise your dog.


After-work and school activities should include dedicated time for your dog. Remember, your dog waits patiently for you to come home all day, so be sure to spoil them with attention and cuddles to remind them you missed their company too! Even a thirty-minute playtime or walk can make a big difference for your dog and their mood. 

5 Tips for Transitioning Your Dog's Schedule Back to a School Schedule

Don’t forget about feeding times. Continue to feed your dog regularly, even if that means feeding twice a day instead of once.


Keeping your dog’s feeding schedule as close as it was during summer is essential. Missing meals can leave your dog hungry. In turn, hunger can lead your dog to misbehave while you are not at home. Regulating your dog’s food is the best way to keep your dog’s energy levels controlled and their routine consistent. Be sure to consult your vet if you are looking at a new food plan or new food for your dog.


Be prepared for some initial adjustment problems—you and your dog need time to get used to the new routine.


Don’t expect things to run smoothly during the first couple of trials of the new routine. Adjusting to these changes may take some. With consistency and practice, your new habits will unfold successfully. Be patient with everyone as they learn to adapt to a new school year and schedule. Remember, you can always hire a professional pet sitter for help with your new routine if things seem overwhelming. Positive reinforcement, support and practice can ensure your routine’s success. 


Ask a Professional 

These are just 5 tips for transitioning your dog’s schedule back to a school schedule. As the back-to-school season approaches, many pet owners wonder how to get their furry friends back on a regular schedule. Just like children, dogs can find it difficult to adjust when their normal routine changes. But don’t worry – follow these five tips for transitioning your dog’s schedule back to a school schedule, and with a little effort, you and your pup can ease smoothly into the new school year. You can also ask your local pet professionals for tips and advice on a back-to-school routine for pets! Contact Comfy Cozy for more information on our services. 



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