International Cat Day: 5 PURR-fect Ways To Celebrate

Every cat owner pretty much celebrates their cats every day. But there’s a real holiday for us cat lovers: It’s International Cat Day! Woo-hoo! Every year on August 8th, our furry feline pets get to be celebrated like the royalty they know they are. But why should we honor these magnificent creatures of nine lives?

Cats have been our domesticated carnivorous companions for nearly 10,000 years. They provide us with affection (when they feel like), companionship, and protect our homes from pesky rodents. Being the highly independent, superior creatures that they are, cats don’t need us – we need them.

Consider yourself lucky if you are blessed with their affections, as they can be quite selective with it. Cats indulge in our attentiveness even if they don’t return the favor and we are always happy to oblige. Like dogs, having a cat companion can help with depression, anxiety and loneliness but make no doubt about it – your feline king and/or queen consider themselves superior to dogs in every way.

As cat owners we happily do their bidding every day, but International Cat Day is an extra special day celebrating the most popular pet in the world. Below we share with you 5 purr-fect ways you can do this:

  • Spend the day at the local shelter or rescue: It can be quite therapeutic. You can volunteer your time, adopt or foster a cat, or even donate in cash or kind to the cat rescue.

  • Create play tunnels for your cat [indoors or outdoors]. Cats love to play, especially kittens. They also love to exercise their natural hunting instincts. Use cardboard, boxes, empty toilet paper rolls and create a fun playground for your cat on International Cat Day!

  • Buy your cat a cat tree. Cats love these towers; commemorate this special day by buying your cat its own special cat tree, to climb, scratch and lounge upon to its heart’s content.

  • Hire a professional pet photographer for a fun photoshoot. Cats have a lifespan of up to about 16 years. Capture your furball’s magnificence, and create lasting memories with a professional photoshoot on International Cat Day.

  • Have a cat play date. Invite your friends and their cats on this special day to have the purr-fect paw-tayy!

How do you plan to celebrate International Cat Day? Share your day with us and share this article with a fellow cat-lover!



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