How to Adopt the Perfect Rescue Cat for Your Family

June is Adopt-A-Cat Month! 

So, why not adopt the perfect rescue cat for your family?!

Over the years, we’ve constantly campaigned in hopes to encourage more people to adopt a rescue cat every June.

With the influx of kitties being brought to shelters, especially around kitten season, we’ll always have this urge to do everything we can to get these kitties forever homes.

But this year, we’re celebrating a little bit differently! 

To my cat lovers of Randolph, Massachusetts, this is your sign to add a new member to the family!

Honestly, this should be a no-brainer. You’ll be saving a life, you’ll have a great animal who needs your love or you’ll maybe even have an already trained pet. Choosing the purrfect cat, however, isn’t as simple.

In this blog, we’ve outlined some useful tips to help you adopt the perfect rescue cat for your family.

Is the perfect rescue cat for your family a KITTEN or an ADULT CAT?

When looking to adopt the perfect rescue cat for your family, your lifestyle and energy level should be top of mind. 

The reason for this is, kittens need plenty of playtime, training, and supervision, and adapting to their new surroundings takes a lot of patience. With an adult cat, on the other hand, they’re less active and may already be trained. Plus, it’s easier for them to settle in. 

There are advantages to both but it’s important to look at which would best suit your lifestyle.

What sort of home environment will your perfect rescue cat be entering?

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Consider how much time you have to dedicate to taking care of your new rescue cat. Ask yourself these questions…

Is your family life jumbled and hectic or idle and calm? Children in the home? Do you live alone and spend little time at home?

You need to ensure you have the time for this new addition to your family. If you have children, what are their expectations? Remember kittens are easily injured.

Another thing to reflect on is whether or not your cat will be an indoor or outdoor cat. How’s the security at home? The last thing you want is for your new cat to run away.

Do you already have PETS at home?

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Think about the furry family you already have. Already got a feline? Get another who complements his personality. Got a dog at home? Maybe you’d want a cat who’s already lived with a dog?

Get some one-on-one time with your newly adopted rescue cat!

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On to the fun part!

When planning to adopt the perfect rescue cat, be sure to spend some one-on-one time with the potential pet. This is your chance to understand your fur baby.

Is the cat very playful or prefers to lounge? Is it outgoing or shy? Pay attention to the cat and how you both react to each other. Remember, shelter pets’ true personalities don’t always show in the first instance. So, we recommend making several visits to the shelter to observe and interact with it to properly learn its personality.

Adopting a rescue cat beats shopping for one, any day! So ‘ADOT, DON’T SHOP!

Hopefully, we have prepared you, this Adopt-A-Cat-Month, to make an informed choice of a feline that could share the joys of a better life with your family. 

If you may ever need help caring for your new cat, Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting is here to help! Check out our services page to see how we can help you today!



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