Magnificent Mutts: 5 Reasons Why Mutts Are PAW-some

If you think those fancy purebreds have something going for them, then you have another thing coming. Mixed dog breeds have a lot to offer, FYI. There’s something inherently lovable and endearing about mutts. And that’s why they are the go-to options for new paw-rents these days.

We have outlined 5 reasons why mutts are paw-some. Their greatness must be shared! Read on below…

1. Mutts may live longer

Yes, that’s right. Whether small, medium or large in size, mixed breed dogs have a longer lifespan than purebreds. This is generally due to the lower probability of having genetic defects which are likely in purebreds.


2. They may be healthier

Mutts are less likely to develop illnesses, and this also contributes to their longer lifespans. This is due to their genetic diversity which makes them practically immune to recessive disorders which can be found in purebreds.

3. Mutts are as unique as dogs can get

In all ways! They come in all different sizes, fur coats, and personalities. No two mutts are the same! The variety in mixed breeds makes adopting a mutt all the more fun because you will find one suitable just for you!

mixed breeds

4. They’re cheaper

Mutts have cheaper starter costs compared to purebred dogs. You will definitely spend less when adopting from a shelter. You will also spend less at the Vet too because as you already know, mutts are healthier than purebreds.

mixed dog breeds

5. The majority comes housetrained

Owning a mutt instead of a purebred dog will save you time and money because most mutts from shelters are already potty and housetrained. This is usually because they were previously owned by someone else, or the shelter takes it upon themselves to do so.

Need we say more? So, if you don’t already own a mutt, the next dog you adopt or purchase HAS to be a mixed breed. You can thank us later.



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