How to Take Cute Holiday Photos of Your Pet

Lights, Camera, Action Ooopsies!

We know we’re not alone when it comes to holiday photos of your pets.

Either they choose that specific time to be a ball of energy, or when we finally get a photo in, they end up looking demonic—because the flash was on!

But, worry not. If you wish to take some ridiculously cute photos of your pet this holiday season, we’ve got some tips for you.

Tips for taking photos of your pets

holiday photos of your pets
  • Shoot early in the day

The best time to take photos of your pet is to shoot early in the day, making the best of your pet’s energy and natural light. Shooting outdoors always makes for the best photos, especially with pets. However, if you can only do it indoors, stay close to natural light as possible and keep your background simple.

Sometimes our pets may not want to look at the camera. Use squeaky toys to grab their attention and make that shot happen. Enlist help if you need to do so, while you attempt to create the perfect pose for your pet.

Your pet may not follow your instructions because it’s just one of those days. Reward good behavior with treats. Don’t forget to take a photo of that too! Also, keep in mind the following tip – patience.

  • Have patience

You need to have patience with your pets during the photoshoot because they don’t know your intention. Take lots of photos, even when you feel your pet is not ready as you like. You may just get an awesome one in the mix.

  • Take breaks

Pets are like kids; they have short attention spans. Take breaks every now and then to prevent them from being stressed. Breaks will also help with releasing pent-up energy.

holiday photos of your pets

Remember, sometimes it might not work, and that’s OKAY. Take lots, and we mean LOTS of photos of your pet. Have fun with it, and let your pet feel all the love the holiday brings.



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