4 PAW-mazing Things Our Pets Teach Us About Gratitude

Ooo, la laaa! It’s that time of the year, again! The time when we begin planning our Christmas gatherings and continue reflecting on all the things we are grateful for.

As we count our blessings this season, let’s also recall the ways our pets teach us about gratitude.

Our Pets Teach Us Unconditional love

We provide for our pets and in return, they provide us with pure and unadulterated love. Unconditional love. Our pets accept us for who we are; what we look like, how much money we make, how much we weigh…none of these things matter to our pets. They will support us with a solid woof and a warm purr and even offer furry protection. They deserve our endless love and gratitude.

True companionship

Pets always have time for us, they don’t have calendars. Our fur babies make the best companions, and naturally have a positive impact on our emotional state. Who needs friends when you have pets? Just kidding! But really, we are never alone when we have pets, our fur-babies are always ready and happy for buddy time.

Our Pets Teach Us Patience

As the famous saying goes, “Patience is a virtue.” And our pets have a lot of that. They allow us to dress them up, pose for pictures, take all our lessons in stride, and wait by the door to welcome us when we get home. Show your thankfulness for their endless patience with a lovely treat this season.

Appreciation for the small things

We can choose to go all above and beyond for our pets, giving them the most pampered life – OR NOT. It really does not matter because guess what, pets are happy with simple things. So, whether you live like royalty or like a pauper, our pets will always appreciate us and remain devoted to us as we are to them.

pets teach us about gratitude

At Comfy Cozy Pet Sitting, we are grateful for ALL our loyal clients and for every precious moment you’ve enabled us to spend with your cherished fur-babies. We wish you and your fur-babies seasons greetings, with lots of love and belly rubs. What else can our pets teach us about gratitude? Comment down below!



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