5 Dog Breeds That Stay Small Forever

We know quite a few paw-rents who just LOVE small dog breeds. They’re endearing little companions who are purrfect for homes with limited space. Their small size makes them great cuddle buddies for children. Also, they are the most awesome lapdogs compelling us to pamper and spoil them to no end. Not to forget, small dog breeds eat and shed less than regular or larger size dog breeds, yay!

Small dogs often make up for their size with their huge personalities. These pint-size doggos demands to be heard and seen, and will fearlessly let you know they are not just about small barks with no bite. However, just like we hoo-mans, all doggos are different. There are a wide variety of small dogs, let us introduce you to five popular breeds and be prepared to fall in love.

1. Pomeranian

small dog breed, pomerian

Personality: This tiny spitz fluff ball is considered a toy breed as it actually descended from the larger spitz-type dogs. They are extremely cute and overflowing with personality. Feisty, intelligent, fiercely loyal, and protective, these pups love their barks to be heard and they are not afraid of a challenge.

Average height & weight: 7 -12 inches tall, 3 – 7 lbs

Activity level: medium exercise, high energy

2. Chihuahua

small dog breed, chihuahua

Personality: Chihuahuas are one of the smallest of the small dog breeds, tiny but mighty. They are known for being sassy little spitfires, bold and protective of their hoo-mans. Despite their pocket size, they tend to make excellent watchdogs. These adorable doggos make the pawfect companion and will always have your back.

Average height & weight: 6 – 9 inches tall, 3 – 6 lbs

Activity level: medium exercise, high energy

3. Yorkshire Terrier

small dog breed, yorkshire terrier

Personality: Another member of the smallest of small dog breeds club, Yorkshire Terriers will steal your heart at a glance. Yorkies with their glorious fur coats are quite playful and absolutely adorable. True to their terrier nature, they are full of bravado and think they are bigger than they actually are. These furballs have a lot of spunk and love to voice their thoughts.

Average height & weight: 6 – 9 inches tall, 3 – 6 lbs

Activity level: medium exercise, high energy

4. Papillon

small dog breed, papillon

Personality: Papillons are another ‘toy’ breed of small dogs, having descended from the spaniel type. They are happy, obedient, loving dogs with keen senses. Papillons are alert, athletic, and highly trainable, and often do extremely well in competitions.

Average height & weight: 8 – 11 inches tall, 4 – 9 lbs

Activity level: High exercise, high energy

5. Brussels Griffon

small dog breed, brussels griffon

Personality: Brussels Griffon is companionable and affectionate pooches, with an air of self-importance. Playful, inquisitive, mischievous they will test your patience but not your heart. This compact doggo will never fail to attract admirers and basks in the attention.

Average height & weight: 7- 8 inches tall, 7 – 12 lbs

Activity level: High exercise, high energy.

Don’t you wish your dog could stay a cute little pup till the end of time? Well, each one of these small dog breeds grows up BUT remains their adorable puppy size. Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.



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