Best Places to Camp with Your Dog in Randolph Massachusetts This Summer

It’s time to camp with your dog!

Social distancing might still be something some are in favor of. Combined with being cooped up all last summer… the parks are open again.

Nights by the fire, days tromping around the forest, some good ol’ smores. Let’s put it this way—it may just be the best quality time you’ll ever spend together.

Are you prepared to camp with your dog? Your doggos have been ready for the best treat of the summer: camping! And it all starts with the next best thing: the car ride. Boy oh boy! You know how they would love to keep their head out the windows, tongues flapping in the wind. Keep the following in mind to make the road trip, whether long or short, the best for your dog, and you!

Car Ride Tips

1. Keep your dog from sticking out the window

Yeah, I know I mentioned it before; I mean these dogs probably fantasize about it but let’s get real. It really isn’t good for your doggo’s eyes while driving; at least, not for long periods of time. You know the wind and all, it dries their eyes out.

2. Use a restraint for your dog

This may be in the form of a barrier, safety harness, carrier, or crate. The best one depends on the temperament and size of your doggo. These will keep your dog secure and safe!

3. Don’t forget break times

No, it’s not you alone that wants to take a stretch and shake it off. Dogs get restless and will need to spend some of that pent-up energy from time to time. Let’s not forget, your fur buddy cannot relieve himself or herself in the car.

What to bring to Camp with your dog

You want to ensure you and your dog have the most memorable time at the camp, in the best ways possible. You won’t be happy if your doggo isn’t happy. Therefore, consider taking these items with you:

  • Vet records/Medical Information
  • pet I.D.
  • leashes
  • poopy bags
  • toys
  • doggy bowls
  • canine first aid
  • food & water
  • and don’t forget the sleeping tent!

Not sure where to go to Camp with your dog?

In addition, we have compiled the following campsites to help you in your search:

Normandy Farms: A luxury camping destination for you and your dog.

Bay View Campground: Doggy haven included, what’s not to love.

Minute Man Campground: Relaxing atmosphere, peaceful getaway for you and four-legged best friend.

And there you go – Memories made! This doesn’t have to be hard, just preplan and you will be able to camp with your dog in no time.



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