Holiday Treats To Make For Your Dog

You can’t seem to celebrate the holidays without treats and baked goods and well, would you really want to? Your dog enjoys treats and baked goods, too! So why not show your dog you really love him by whipping up some treats that will leave him begging for more?

  1. Bunny’s Peppermint Christmas Chews will be a staple this season and all throughout the year, too. You can’t have Christmas without candy canes and with a little peppermint extract, your dog won’t be left out and maybe he’ll stop eyeing the candy canes on the tree!
  2. Christmas cut-out cookies are not just for humans anymore. This pet friendly recipe will even tempt your palate.
  3. Christmas Carob Mint Dog Cookies are sure to please your dog. Think of these as thin mints for dogs. Carob is like chocolate for dogs without the toxicity of real chocolate.
  4. Gourmet Holiday Peanut Butter Treats are one for the books, too. You’d be hard pressed to find a dog that doesn’t like peanut butter and these yummy treats will be like peanut butter on steroids for your dog.
  5. No bake options are great for pet parents that don’t want to be or don’t have time to be a slave to the kitchen this holiday season. The best thing about these treats posted by Pretty Fluffy is that you can enjoy these right along with your pooch!

If baking of any kind just really isn’t your thing, don’t feel bad for opting for store bought festive treats. Your dog won’t fault you for it and neither will we!

  1. Claudia’s Canine Cuisine dog treats are so pretty that you’ll even want some for yourself. Hold on though! Even though these treats are made with human grade materials, they’re just for your dog.
  2. The Healthy Hound Bakery has an assortment for every dog on your list! We’re not kidding either. They even have a treat of the month club for the gift that just keeps on giving. These treats are made with healthy and natural ingredients while not compromising taste, too.

Making treats can be such a fun endeavor that can include your whole family! Your dog can be your taste tester and maybe if your kids are behaving you can whip up some of the no bake options that your kids can eat, too. What’s your go-to holiday treat for your canine pal? Tell us!



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