Top 10 Reasons Why Your Cat Is Thankful For Their Cat Sitter

Cats may sometimes seem aloof and even arrogant but they’re really quite thankful creatures. Aside from the thankfulness they feel towards their human family members, cats are also quite thankful for their cat sitter.

  1. Petting. Cats really do love to be pet on their own terms, of course. Their cat sitter knows just how little or how much to scratch under their chin without smothering them with neediness.
  2. Baby talk. Cats sometimes seem like they don’t tolerate people much but the cat’s sitter knows that a little by talk can go such a long way. A few loving words to the “widdle kittie” while scratching under the cat’s chin makes a very grateful cat turn to butter.
  3. Extra treats. Extra treats are always welcome by the family cat and the cat sitter knows this. Sometimes the way to a cat’s heart is really through his taste buds. The cat sitter shows up and lo and behold the cat decides he’s not coming out of his hiding spot until he hears the bag of treats. He has the cat sitter trained very well and he loves her for be such a trainable subject. He really is grateful that she fell right in line.
  4. Consistency. Consistency is key to any lasting relationship, Even the family cat knows this. That’s why he’s grateful that the cat sitter shows up as schedule, on time and always follows HIS routine. No guessing games here and that’s just the way the cat likes it.
  5. Secrets. Have you ever heard that phrase “Cat got your tongue?” Well, the cat sitter may be asked this questions a time or two because she never spills the beans, not even when the cat decides to sharpen my claws on Mom’s couch or her new drapes. Mums the word around here. The cat and the sitter have an understanding.
  6. Bond. The cat knows that having the sitter in cahoots with him and eating out of his hand really means something. It’s not every day you can train a human to pledge allegiance to a house cat and for that it’s only natural for a bond to develop.
  7. Inside jokes. The cat knows that sometimes he does really funny things like missing when he tries to jump from the counter to the couch. Going back to secrets, the cat sitter keeps all of the cat’s funny escapades between the two of them, just the way she should. The best cats can always laugh at themselves but only with the right people.
  8. Favorite games. Seen as the cat sitter has been trained to do as she’s told, she submits to playing with the laser pointer for the whole time she’s around or any other game the cat chooses for that matter.
  9. Hygiene. Cats don’t like to be dirty and they certainly don’t like messy litter boxes. The cat sitter comes in and not only does she clean out the litter box but she also sweeps up the floor of all that litter that the cat kicks out of the box.
  10. Food and water. The cat sitter always replaces the stagnant food and water dishes, providing the cat with only the freshest of ingredients. She also lets the water faucet in the bathroom drip so a cool sip of water may always be had by the cat.

The house cat really appreciates how trainable the sitter is. He’s really grateful that she keeps coming back even if he doesn’t always show his gratitude. The cat sitter is on to the cat though, she knows how grateful he really is.



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