7 Ways To Keep Your Dog Calm During The 4th Of July Fireworks

We love to celebrate the 4th of July. All our family, neighbors and friends are hanging out and just having a good time. However, when we remember our dog, we suddenly lose a part of our joy. Why? The truth is that most dogs are afraid of fireworks, and we can definitely say that most dog owners in the United States simply state that this is one of the worst days for their dogs. So, what can you do? How can you make sure that your dog remains as comfortable and as calm as possible?
Here are 7 different things you can do to ensure that your dog remains calm during the 4th of July fireworks:
#1: Before the fireworks start, make sure that you have all your dogs inside the house. If it’s possible, make sure that you stay in as well to make them feel safer. If you can’t, just leave them something fun to do. In case it’s too hot as it usually is, turn on your air conditioning.
#2: During the day, take your dog outside and give him the opportunity to get plenty of exercise. This way, he will be more tired in the evening, and he will be less stressed out about the fireworks. Getting rid of the as much of the pent up energy as possible beforehand will result in a calmer pup!
#3: When dogs get scared, they like to hide in small spaces where hardly anyone can see them–survival of the fittest! So, just find this place for your dog inside the house and point it to him when the fireworks start. Establishing this safe haven beforehand is the wisest choice of all as your dog may become alarmed or confused if you try to send him under a bed, table or into a crate if he’s not usually accustomed to doing so. With all the noise, dogs just can’t orient themselves, and they will feel this is the only safe spot around the house.
#4: Before the fireworks start, make sure that you have all the curtains and windows closed. In case you also have blinds, make sure to lower them as well. While the noise will be a sure thing, there’s no need to stimulate your dog even more with all the visuals from the fireworks since this can make them even more nervous. There are some dogs that can tolerate the noise but freak out at the flashes of light. Eliminating all possible anxiety-inducing stimuli is the best!
#5: Since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, don’t forget to make your dog wear an ID tag on his collar. In case he manages to get away from the house, whoever finds him will be able to return him to you. Even better? Get your dog microchipped before you do anything else. This is double protection in case your dog’s collar and id tags go missing.
#6: Music for dogs is always an excellent way to make your dog calm down. The goal of these songs is to reduce his anxiety. It works! Just like us, our dogs appreciate relaxing tones when they are stressed and well, music has been used all around the world with great results in regulating behaviors for centuries. Plus, it blocks out some of the noise. Win – win!
#7: Another way that seems to help many dogs is the use of a Thundershirt. Simply put, you just wrap your dog with a Thundershirt, and, since it has a special design that maintains certain pressure features, your dog’s stress will decrease. It’s kind of like a hug. Awwww!
As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure that your dog remains as calm and comfortable as possible during the 4th of July fireworks thereby allowing you the opportunity to celebrate our nation’s independence to the fullest.
We hope you all have a safe, happy and stress-free 4th of July!!



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