Fun Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day With The Dog

Mother’s Day is all about spending the day with Mom. You should really think about centering the day around one of the best things in her life, (besides you, of course) and that is, with out a doubt, her dog! If the Mom in your life is also “Mom” to man’s best friend, why leave the dog out of the festivities? A dog themed mother’s day is sure to put a smile on Mom’s face and won’t soon be forgotten!

  • Spend the Day looking through old photos with the dog and cataloging them together. This can include scanning and uploading all hard copies to a cloud service like OneDrive or DropBox, so that mom can have them easily accessible anytime she wants to show off her doggy online. This is a great bonding activity that she will cherish.
  • Go out for a nice lunch or dinner at a place that accepts dogs. It’s not always easy to eat at fancy restaurants with your dog, chances are good that most won’t allow any, but there are some out there that cater to two-legged and four-legged animals. Do some research and surprise mom with a special table for her and her favorite pooch.
  • Take mom to go shopping for her and Fido. Plan a day of shopping that she can enjoy and her dog together. Allow a spending budget for her and the dog, so she gets to enjoy twice the gifts. Okay, the dog will probably not care as much, but all the attention will surely make them happy.
  • Get some much needed relaxation in the great outdoors. Don’t just take her and the dog to a dog park, take them to a dog-friendly trail somewhere that is both relaxing and fun. We recommend anywhere that has a good view or ends in ice cream, either way is a nice detour from the usual.
  • Have the family use their best creative skills to make artwork for mom and the dog. Whether that means painting, finger painting, modeling clay, Photoshop work, or even a fun little piece of music on your favorite instrument, it would be very endearing and special to receive a tribute from everyone.
  • Design a t-shirt online through any of the many custom clothing websites. You can make a corny or silly t-shirt for her that says something like “Numero Uno Chiuahua Amiga” or “Mom’s Favorite Child” with a picture of her dog. Just make sure you order a back-up shirt, just in case one gets lost or stained.
  • You could also try celebrating mother’s day by adopting a new dog for mom, as long as you have a strong belief that she can handle another dog and has hinted towards wanting a new member for her four-legged family. Being a new mom all over again is a great way to celebrate for sure.

So, what’ll it be? If you want my words of advice, I say make it a Mother’s Day weekend and hit a few things on the list. Go big or go home!



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