5 Ways To Stop The Dog From Shedding In The Spring

I’m going to be honest. The truth is you can’t keep your dog from shedding. Shedding is a natural body process for dogs just like sweating is for humans. But, there are a couple ways you make Allergy Season a little easier on both you and your pup.
Dogs need to lose their winter coat for the warm summer months, and that’s what they do in the Spring. (Fun fact: It is the length of days that causes this, not the seasonal temperature change.) However, you can make it less messy all around with these simple tips.

#1 – Take A Trip To A Groomer

If you regularly take your dog to a groomer, consider upping the frequency of visits in the Spring. It will not only keep him cleaner, but the extra brushing will cut down on the amount of fur in your house.

#2 – Consider Adding Some Extra Brushing Sessions At Home

In addition to the extra grooming, you can brush your dog at home an extra time or two per week to keep better control over the shedding. Plus your dog will love getting to feel extra pampered!
Before you run out and buy a doggie brush or grooming kit, keep in mind that there are any different types and textures of dog hair (all with a specific brush to maximize results). To make it easier on you, I’ve compiled a list of the different types here for your quick reference:

  1. Boar Bristle: Good for all fur types, and it helps circulate oil from the skin.
  2. Shedding Blade: Used for pulling out feathery undercoats.
  3. Slicker Brush: Used for mats and tangles in long-haired breeds.
  4. Rubber Curry Brush: Used for short-haired breeds and undercoats. Also helps stimulate circulation
  5. Wire Pin: Used for longer fur, and thick, several-layer coats

Pro Tip: It is recommended that you brush against the grain to pull out the undercoat, brush with the grain to smooth out the overcoat.

#3 – Invest In A Fabric Cover For Your Pup’s Doggie Bed

If your dog has a bed of his own, putting a fabric cover on it can be helpful with the shedding process. Plus, you can wash and dry the cover, which will eliminate much of the fur. Using a pet safe dryer sheet to eliminate static will also help keep fur from settling in.

#4 – Baths, Baths, & More Baths

In between baths (which should be given once or twice a week), consider using bath wipes to keep Fido free of dirt and debris. It won’t stop the shedding but the fur that is there will be cleaner and less likely to smell.
There are a variety of wipes available, from hypo-allergenic to moisturizing, as well as those that help remove dander.

#5 – Get A Jump Start On Spring Cleaning

Regular vacuuming of areas where your dog hangs out is also a good way to manage the shedding. Air filters and air fresheners will help to alleviate odors.
Once the Spring shedding slows down, keep your pooch fresh in the hot summer with regular baths, and using the pet wipes in between. Plus, you’ll be able to bathe your dog more often outdoors in the warming weather, meaning less cleanup for you 🙂
Your furry friend will thank you, and your house will be cleaner too!



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