Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter With Your Dog

With Easter soon approaching, you may be wondering what you can do to celebrate and include your dog in the festivities. While we need to be cautious with our canines around the sweet treats, plastic eggs and plastic grass, there are still plenty of ways to include your pooch in the fun.

#1 -Dress Your Dog Up!

We’ve all seen those adorable pictures with furry friends wearing costumes, right? This is a great way to include your dog in the Easter fun, if he will tolerate being dressed up. You can outfit him in a full costume, like an Easter bunny, a baby chick ,or maybe just a head piece.
You could even put a little necktie scarf or bow tie on him. The choices really are endless! If that isn’t working for him, how about a fun collar or bow attached in Easter colors or styles?

#2 – Yummy Dog-Friendly Easter Treats

This is where you need to be careful, but of course there are plenty of Easter treats fit for your dog. You can give him any of his regular treats, but make it special by feeding him from a pet-safe Easter basket.
Safe means no plastic grass, plastic eggs, or chocolate.
While hard boiled eggs won’t hurt him, be careful not to give him too many. Also make sure they are fresh and haven’t been sitting out too long. Doggies can have sensitive digestive tracts when it comes to “people” food.
There are plenty of veggies you can feed your dog too. Potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers. Fruits are okay too, such as watermelon, strawberries, oranges and blueberries. Fruits with pits should be avoided.
As with any treats, we don’t want to overfeed Fido, but he can enjoy a moderate amount safely.

#3 – Have A Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt

Including your dog in an Easter egg hunt is perfectly fine if you follow a few safety precautions:

  • Keep him away from plastic grass
  • Keep him away from chocolate
  • Don’t let him chew on any plastic eggs, only hardboiled and only when fresh
  • Any fabric-stuffed chew toys should be pet safe
  • Don’t overfeed veggies or fruit, but he can enjoy in moderation
  • Count the number of eggs you have hidden so you know none are left to rot or to be found by Fido after Easter
  • Be careful of small plastic toys, you don’t want doggie to eat anything that might hurt his insides

One way to look at safety for your dog at Easter time is to think of him like a toddler. You wouldn’t want to give your toddler anything unsafe to eat or chew, or in excess amounts.
With these ideas in mind, you can have a safe and pleasant Easter with your dog and family.
Plus, be sure to take pictures of your dog in that Easter costume – We want to see them! It will be a fun memory for you and the kids year after year.



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