3 Fun Dog Games To Play Indoors

The Winter, snowy season can be lots of fun for both you and your dog. Although sometimes it just gets too cold to go outside and play so we have jotted down a bunch of fun dog games to play inside, when it is too cold to go outside.


Dogs love to bury things and then dig them up. But… you probably don’t want them doing this IN the house right? This is why the hide-n-go-seek dog game is such a great indoor game. You can control the hiding places, and make sure your dog doesn’t tear up the rug or carpet!
Take your dog’s toy or ball, or even some treats. Then, walk around your house and hide the items in spots where your dog can find them. Then tell your anxious pup to “go find it!” This game is especially great because it exercises both your dog’s mind, and their body.
If your dog is new to this game, they may need some hints at first as to where their treats or toys are. You can walk with your dog and point to the general area of the hidden goodies to help them learn the game. When they get close, you can give them positive verbal cues like, “Good boy/girl!” or “Ooh!” This will also help them learn the game, to help them get even better at it!

Staircase Race

If you have a home with stairs, then this one is for you. Having a staircase is a SERIOUS way to help your dog burn some calories and tire them out and it turns out to be a fun dog game too!
Grab your dog’s favorite toy or some treats, and then start at the bottom of the stairway. From there you can throw the items up the stairs and have your dog run up and fetch it. You can also create more excitement by giving your dog a build-up such as “Ready … Go!”
Keep in mind that this game can be a little dangerous, so give your pup breaks in between rounds. Also, this game is not recommended for dogs younger than one year, since their joints aren’t fully developed at this point.


Sometimes dogs like to chase balls or toys – but they love to chase YOU as well! This game is a fantastic way to get both you and your dog some exercise. Make sure you clear a space in the house first!
First, crouch down and get eye-level with your dog. Then you can start to lunch at him and even make playful noises if you wish. Your dog will realize you’re engaging them in play, and will likely lunge right back at you!
From there you can run around your house, allowing your dog to try and catch up to you. Once he or she catches you, turn the table and then chase your dog! This game can be especially fun on tile or hardwood floors. Your dog will likely skid and slide trying to chase you. If you want to join in on the fun, put on some socks and slide away!

Let Your Dog Know When You’re Ready To Wind Down

A lot of dog owners have trouble conveying to their pup when playtime is over. One of the best ways to do this is to lay down and try not to make eye contact with your dog for a few minutes. This way they’ll know you’re not trying to challenge them to play further.
Once your dog winds down, this is the perfect time to relax and get in some cuddle time. Invite your dog to lay with you and enjoy some peace and quiet! No matter what you do with your dog, they will love getting to spend time with you however you choose.



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