Fun Ways to Exercise With Your Dog In Cold Weather

Just like humans, dogs need lots of exercise to live a healthy and happy life. In fact, owning a dog is a great way to motivate yourself to go out and get some exercise. Even when the temps are freezing there are still ways to exercise with your dog in cold weather and still keep the blood flowing!
Let’s talk about some creative ways that you and your dog can still get some quality exercise despite cold temperatures.

Wait to Walk Until the Sun Comes Out To Exercise With Your Dog!

A lot of dog owners like to get up bright and early to take a walk with their pup. But in the Winter time this may not be the best idea, because it’s usually colder in the mornings than the afternoon.
In the winter time, why not wait until the afternoon to take that jog around the block or trip to the park? It will still be cold, but the sun is your friend! It’ll be a little warmer, and easier to see what’s going on outside. Plus, it will make it that much warmer!
You also won’t have to worry about busting out your flashlight in order to see where you’re walking if you exercise your dog at night. Remember that it’s important to be safe while exercising with your dog. Nothing is more important than the safety of you and your pets.

Substitute Regular Backyard Playtime for A Trip Around Town!

Although your dog may be totally content with backyard play time and let outs, everyone likes a change in scenery. Why not take your pooch to somewhere fun around town?
This could be a dog park or a hiking trail. Dog parks are great because both you and your dog get to socialize – taking your mind off of the biting cold! Before you know it your dog will be tuckered out after all the running around and games of fetch.
Hiking trails are also awesome exercise opportunities for you and your dog. You’ll get to take in some stunning outdoor scenery while you and your dog build up a sweat. Invite along some friends and their dogs to make this an even more fun-filled event. You would be suprised how many of your friends already exercise with their dog!

Snow is GREAT for Hide-N-Seek

We all know that dogs have impeccable noses, so why not use this to get them a work out? Head outside bringing along your dog’s favorite toy, or maybe some treats. Scatter the toys and treats in the snow and let your dog see you do it. Then you can tell your pooch to go and find them!
This a great way to stimulate your dog’s nose while getting them a great workout. Once they bring the toys back to you, you could even turn it into a game of fetch. Your dog will love running after their favorite toy and having to bury their head in the snow to get it.
The possibilities are endless!

Don’t Skip On Exercise, But Know Your Limits

Overall, there are a ton of entertaining ways to get some exercise with your dog in the Winter time in addition to what we listed here.
But it’s important to remember that if the temperature feels too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for your dog. Their fluffy fur coat has its limits as well!
So while you should still try to give your dog as much exercise as possible in the Winter time, keep in mind your own and your dog’s limits. Safety is always #1 priority above everything!


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