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Movies To Watch This Summer With Your Dog

Movies To Watch This Summer With Your Dog

summer movies

In the course of your busy life, it may be difficult to spend enough quality time with your dog and also have enough time to relax without being under pressure. One great way to achieve both without so much stress is by watching fun movies with your dog. Not just any kind of movie, but movies starring dogs!  Here is a list of 8 movies you should watch with your dog this summer

  1.       A DOG’S PURPOSE (2017)

This is an emotion-packed movie about a devoted dog on the path to discovering his life’s purpose. He was first adopted by a little boy and the journey takes him through different reincarnations and owners. He teaches his owners how to laugh and love and even eventually gets reunited with the child (now an adult) who first adopted him.

  1.       MEGAN LEAVEY (2017)

This movie is based on the inspiring true life account of a marine corporal who served in Iraq alongside her dog, a military combat dog. They met in interesting circumstances, became friends and served the nation on several missions. After her discharge from the military, she kept trying to adopt him without much success. Things took a new turn when the dog was scheduled for euthanasia and she had to fight to save him. This is a remarkable story that highlights friendship and heroism.

  1.   SECRET LIFE OF PETS (2016)

This movie shows you a fun perspective of how your dog probably thinks and what he can do in your absence. Even though it may set off some paranoid thoughts about your pet’s activities in your absence, it is an exciting and fun movie to watch.

  1.   WIENER DOG (2016)

This movie is based on the life of a cute dachshund puppy who spends her life going from one owner to the other, each owner being on a search for some sort of companionship. Wiener-dog shows that a dog can bring comfort and joy to anyone and all they need to do is to reciprocate. The movie has a touch of adventure in it and should be interesting to watch.

  1.      ROCK DOG (2016)

This is a movie about following one’s dreams and being able to take responsibility for one’s actions. Join the main character, a wide-eyed Tibetan Mastiff, on an adventurous journey filled with many unexpected turns as he tries to fulfil his dreams of being a musician.

  1.      THE DOG LOVER (2016)

This movie is based on animal rights and features a passionate animal rights activist who pretends to be a college intern, so she could investigate possible abuse on a dog-breeding farm. She faced some challenges but is able to overcome them. It is a highly educative movie and you will surely learn some things

  1.       MAX (2015)

This movie is one of the emotional ones and the storyline is based on the relationship between a Belgian Malinois and his Marine handler as they work in Afghanistan. The handler dies and the dog bonds with his younger brother, and together they help each other through the pain and also found out what really happened to the dead marine. This is a story about friendship, companionship and being a hero.

  1.   101 DALMATIANS (1996)

What better time to see a classic than now? This is one of the most favorite dog movie classics of all time. The movie is all about 101 dalmatians trying to outsmart a villain that wanted to use them to make a fur coat. It is action-filled and definitely fun to watch.

These are just few movies that you and your dog can watch together this summer, to relax and spend quality time together. In addition, you might learn some things that will make your relationship with your dog more enjoyable.